What is striping?

Striping is the application of traffic paint to an asphalt or concrete surface. Traffic paint is a specially designed paint used on roadway surfaces and provides direction and information to the persons in the area.

It is important that the asphalt surface is clean and dry prior to the application of traffic paint. The areas to be painted are marked out using chalk lines to be sure the striping is precise. Ramsey Asphalt uses specially designed striping machines that apply the paint evenly and provide a professional result every time.

There are multiple uses for striping, such as: the common car stall, handicap designated parking, directional arrows, number stencils, or reserved parking spaces. Striping typically takes place the day after new asphalt or seal coat has been applied.

It is important to note that striping is made to last, and may show up through seal coat after a few years of wear. Any striping that is no longer desirable should be “blacked out” (covered with black paint) prior to seal coating to be sure it will not show through in the future. In some cases, a longer lasting surface is preferred. In these cases, two coats of traffic paint will be recommended. Ramsey Asphalt Construction provides all of your signage needs as well. Whether it be “No Parking,” “Parking By Permit Only,” or custom signage, we will work with you to create and install your signs. Signs can be installed in planters or drilled into the harder surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete.