Petromat is a pavement reinforcing fabric specifically designed for the paving industry. Its primary function is to strengthen and reinforce the base course of asphalt upon which the new asphalt will be placed. An additional benefit is that it helps to mitigate mirror or reflective cracking (cracks in the existing asphalt) from coming up through to the new asphalt.

Studies have shown that installing asphalt less than 2” over paving fabric will not reduce the reflective cracking and in fact conversely if the petromat is installed correctly it will reduce reflective cracking by 80-90%, Ramsey Asphalt Construction uses state of the art equipment and professional personnel to provide you the highest quality job in the industry.

Oil Spreading

The distributor trucks in Ramsey Asphalts fleet use Bearcat (computer rate control) system. The CRC system controls the asphalt pump and monitors truck speed, distance traveled, flow rate and spray bar width. Exact and consistent spread rates within .01 gallon (1%) per square yard are achieved.