About Us

Since 1999, Ramsey Asphalt Construction has been performing quality asphalt services throughout the Central Coast. We recognize with each project we complete contributes to the quality of life in our community, so we make the integrity of workmanship and our relationship with our clients our highest priority.

We stride to bring prompt, skilled service to each one of our clients, working directly with each individual to provide the best results at an affordable price. It’s about more than hitting a bottom line for us; it’s about putting the customer first and delivering a product that will last.


Earthwork & Paving Contractors

An earthwork and paving contractor digs, moves, and places material forming the surface of the earth, other than water, in such a manner that a cut, fill, excavation, grade, trench, backfill, or tunnel (if incidental thereto) can be executed, including the use of explosives for these purposes. This classification includes the mixing, fabrication and placing of paving and any other surface.


Parking & Highway Improvement Contractors

A parking and highway improvement contractor applies and installs protective coatings, vehicle stops, guard rails, and mechanical devices, directional lines, buttons, markers, signs and arrows on the horizontal surface of any game court, parking facility, airport, highway or roadway constructed of concrete, asphalt or similar material. This classification includes the surface for preparatory work necessary for the application of protective coatings but does not include the re-paving of these surfaces.